Build/DevConnections Scheduling Conflict

Since Microsoft scheduled Build on top of DevConnections, I’ve had people ask which conference they should go to. I’ll start by admitting my bias. I haven’t missed speaking at a major DevConnections show for six or seven years, and if you come to DevConnections, you can come see my talks!

But biased or not, I think the DevConnections/Build decision is a no-brainer…they are very different events. This is a quick list off the top of my head with no discussion with any marketing people at either event.

– Based on history, the Build content will have good technical content, but be planned for Microsoft’s marketing convenience

– Build will focus on future products

– Build talks and speaker list may not be public until the last minute

– Build speakers will be from Microsoft and might be constrained in what they can say

– Build sessions will probably be recorded so you can see them in the future

– Build may help you make human connections inside Microsoft to get your opinions heard

– Build will probably sell out in minutes, possibly seconds

– Build attendees might get cool hardware – maybe a new Surface

– DevConnections will include a Microsoft day, presumably with future focus, that day may be driven by the same marketing as Build

– DevConnections will feature many high level Microsoft speakers, including Scott Guthrie

– DevConnections has two days of independent content with a long track record of healthy skepticism of Microsoft stuff

– DevConnections speaker and abstract lists (day 2 and 3) are public right now

– DevConnections speakers (day 2 and 3) are independent industry experts, I’m humbled to be in such company

– DevConnections is focused on what devs need today and tomorrow, not next year

– DevConnections has an extremely wide array of topics with seven concurrent conferences – you have access to all

– DevConnections makes a lot of sense for teams that need to bring several members and have them learning different things (data, web and core, for example)

– DevConnections features pre and post conference workshops (for additional fee)

– DevConnections is larger with more opportunity to network with real devs and won’t sell out anytime soon

– DevConnections talks are not recorded – you’ve got to be there (all slide decks are available to all attendees)

– DevConnections has amazing independent speakers that are the best in their field and focus on communicating complex ideas – Kimberly Tripp, Juval Lowy, Ward Bell, Dino Esposito, Julie Lerman, and Mark Minasi represent incredible breadth, and are just the tip of the iceberg – really, go look at the speaker list (you have to look separately for each co-located conference)

– I hate Las Vegas, but the weather is better than Seattle in November

– The Bellagio is nice and if you can’t get your company to spring for it, you can get a deal at many hotels with relatively easy access

– Las Vegas is one of the easiest places to fly to from anywhere (except Fairbanks) and you can lose all your spending money before you even leave the airport

– OK, the taxi queues are definitely better in Seattle, but the venue is closer and access easier in Las Vegas

If you think I’ve missed something for either event, let me know. I’ll try to approve comments quickly.

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