I thought I should post a status after being so quiet on Twtiter and my blog.

I had a really fun, intense time putting together my next Pluralsight video. It’s delayed for a technical screw-up on my part, but it should be up in the next week or two.

Upcoming, I’ll be at DevIntersection ( I think it’s going to be an awesome show – check out the line- up of speakers. There’s also a great pre/post con deal – registering for the conference and pre or post con gets you a tablet as well! And if you use the discount code DOLLARD (how easy is that to remember) you’ll get $50 off!

If you haven’t heard of DevIntersection, that’s because it’s a new conference. But don’t worry, it will be smooth and professionally run with leadership and staff that are some of the most experienced around in presenting conferences for developers

I’ll be teaching you things you don’t know or have forgotten about the core .NET framework in a pre-conference workshop titled “Getting the Most from the .NET Framwork”. Half the day is fast paced puzzle format with plenty of surprises for even the most experienced .NET programmer. I get asked whether the details matter – I pick puzzles because they affect what code runs, the result of calculations, might have significant performance implications, and help you better understand the framework. This understanding helps you read code, and it helps you right code with minimal surprises – bugs based on surprises are hard to find!

In the afternoon I’ll move through potentially challenging areas of the framework improving your mental models of how and why things work. I’ll teach the why and how, not demonstrate the how-to. You need both, but this day is dedicated to making you a smarter, more robust programmer.

If you live in Vegas or can get there easily, you can register separately for pre and post conferences – but then you’ll miss the show!

The next conference I’m scheduled for is DevTeach, May 37-31 outside Toronto. I’m looking forward to celebrating DevTeach’s 10th anniversary.

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