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My Editor Color….

Someone, somewhere in my many travels over the last few months loved my Visual Studio editor background color.

I use Tools/Options/Fonts and colors to reset the background color of my editor. This does three things for me:

– It’s less glaring for the audience in presentations

– It differentiates my editor window from my tools windows

– It makes me happy

Anyway, I promised someone somewhere I’d post the color spec – it’s normal colors (because there are too many to change with that blasted editor) on a background of RGB 255, 255, 221. It’s a color I would call “manila” for the old folders.

I might lighten it slightly if I only worked on monitors, but this is nice on projectors as well.



Why is My Pluralsight Course in Visual Studio 2010?

There were a couple of tweets when my Pluralsight Visual Studio 2010 Tricks released pointing out that Visual Studio 2012 has been released. I actually had noticed the Visual Studio 2012 release. So, why the course in 2010?

I could give a lot of answers. There are currently people working in both versions and most Visual Studio tricks work in Visual Studio 2012 and such things. But the truth is I massively underestimated the amount of time I’d spend on the course – an order of magnitude in the number of hours. I optimistically anticipated the course would release before 2012. That didn’t work out. So, the more interesting question is why I didn’t start over. The core issues – keystroke shortcuts, columns selection, selection anchors, settings, and a boatload of things I covered are the same for VS 2010 and 2012.

There have been significant changes in Find and of course there are a boatload of new features. I do talks at conferences and user groups about the new features and I’m totally stoked about the new version. But I think to do the kind of course I did takes a little time. The VS 2010 Tricks course, and the course I hope to do in a few months on VS 2012 aren’t a list of Tip #1, Tip #2, etc. It’s a holistic view of how to smoothly leverage the environment where the rough spots and some of the bugs are and how to work around them. That’s going to take some time to work out. In the meantime, you can get an overview of the new features in Kate Gregory’s course Introduction to Visual Studio 2012.

Why did the course require so much work? Video was a new format to me, and I thought a lot more of my audio experience would translate to. And I want the course to move very fast. In a tricks course, and probably any skills course, there’s a chunk you already know, a chunk you’re never going to use, and a chunk that make it all worthwhile. I want to get you to whichever nuggets of gold you’re going to find in the course as quickly as possible. And I want to keep you engaged – so I worked to add the occasionally, hopefully humorous moment. I learned an incredible amount. My future videos will be better for what I learned, in the end, it was time to tie it up, imperfections and all, and get it out to you. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it – a clip a day will gradually make you a more efficient coder.

And I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the next video I do!