But Will SQL Server 2008 Break My App?

There are a lot of companies that are evaluating the upcoming version of SQL Server with this key question.  In larger companies and enterprises, mission critical applications need to be considered for the Relational, BI, and Reporting tools.  Scalability Experts is working close with Microsoft to transform your question into an educated decision.

Scalability Experts has been licensed by Microsoft to work on the further development of the SQL Server Upgrade Assistant.  In conjunction with this, we have been doing lots of work to help the community become aware of the testing we have performed at Microsoft via our SQL Server 2008 Application Compatibility Blog and through a series of Podcasts which can also be found at iTunes and soon to be on

Zune (stay tuned).

We have also been asked to create one of the four tracks that Microsoft is using to train its field and its Partner channels.  Our track is on Upgrading to SQL Server 2008.  It has been led by our own Joe Yong and I am responsible for the content creation and delivery of the final product to Microsoft.  Joe presented it at Microsoft’s pre-conference TechReady event in early February and I’ll be presenting at the T-Prep event in Redmond during the week of March 11th.

If this question is yours, be sure to read or listen to our finding and suggestions.

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