That’s a Big 10-4 Little Buddy!

Can you believe we are already talking Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0?  It seems like some of us just started learning 2008.   In fact, according to a Developer Guidance Council meeting today, hosted by our regional DE in Dallas, Texas, many are still learning 2005. 

Go ahead and say it.  I know you want to!  “There are still people learning VS 6.0!”

However, if you like moving forward, MS has created a Tech Preview of the next environment.  This is not Beta.  It is pre-Beta.  I learned about this through a casual search that landed me on Channel9.  There was a reference to a series of videos under the label of “10-4”. The title comes by playing off the release year (2010) and framework numbers (4.0), while mixing in a little Bandit language off the airwaves (CB Radio).

The link I found was for number #14 in the series.  The topic is on F# which I have not been paying enough attention to yet. I is a nice short 17 minute video introducing you and me to the syntax.  It was all text driven but the idea interested me enough to look into episode #1.  In the first episode, Microsoft introduces us to a process of downloading a VirtualPC image with all of the build pre-installed on top of Vista.

It is a pretty hefty download and I’ll probably have to wait overnight while expanding the images before I can move on to Episode #2 and get my hands dirty.  Thanks Brian Keller for setting this all up for us back several months ago.  I look forward to watching the other episodes this week.

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