February 2006

  Vista 5308 Feb CTP is released.   Yes…..it is release last night @ Hong Kong time. However, it is not ready in MSDN Subscription yet. You may have to wait until Thur @ US time and it is only available to Beta Testers to download at this moment. The following are the screenshot which taken […]

Windows Vista Product Editions Preview Two days before the start of Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005 in September 2005, I received exclusive insider information about the product editions, or SKUs, which Microsoft intends to create for Windows Vista (previously codenamed Longhorn). While the exact breakdown of the Windows Vista editions had been the subject of […]

I read from MSDN site and know that there is a very good article for Converting VB6 UI into VB2005. As there are students reading my blog and I would like to share with them and so that they can learn from it too. User Interface Controls in Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic 2005 […]

I recently read about Programming on Windows Authenication, I got a lto of result after searching. I have in touch with Aaron Margosis and Keith Brown. Aaron is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services.  He wrote about “Non-Admin” and also “Least Privilege”. Keith Brown is MVP – Visual Develop in Security. He wrote about […]

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