Other Features on UMPC

Just read from other blogs, about this UMPC, seems we developers also have to
take care when building application on UMPC.


Other features: dual array microphones with noise reduction, stereo speakers,
headphone jack, docking capability (some models), flip out stands (so you can
prop them up and watch movies).

The devices will run standard Windows software, and Windows XP Tablet edition,
and will be Vista ready, minus Aero Glass. However, they will be supplemented
by Touch Pak, which adapts Windows for smaller screens with larger screen
elements and other features, including an onscreen keyboard called DialKeys,
which “creates an overlay of keys for typing, using the screen’s touch sensitivity”.
You can type with just two thumbs.


Another feature is the program launcher, making it easier to find and run programs
(after all, the Start menu doesn’t exactly scale). Scroll bars and icons will be larger,
as well as the minimize and maximize buttons, and defaults thumbnail views in
folders, so you can run everything with your fingertips. It also comes with Sudoko,
which is just a happy bonus.


You can change the program launcher backgrounds for practically anything,
and there are a bunch over here. There’s also a new Media Player theme
called Brilliant Black:


These devices will need more battery life and better looks to sell. Gizmodo has a video
of them using the Samsung Q1, and it looks like a Creative Portable Media Center
running XP, with a larger screen. It has an ethernet port, two USB ports, audio out,
compact flash, volume control, a bunch of face buttons (including back and menu),
VGA-out, and, weirdly enough, an antenna. <<<Click to watch The video>>>

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