Aero Glass inside a WPF Window

Searching from google about WPF, I found a cool blogger. His name is Adam Nathan, He is good in Win32API and .NET, from his blog, he mention that he is also going to publish a book about Win32 and WPF. He took the WPF UI he created for the Internet Hearts Migration, slapped it in a System.Windows.Window, and “glassified” it. Here is his result,

He didn’t change a thing in the Hearts UI, and everything worked as expected: the 2D & 3D animations, the elements that already had partial opacity (like the card table), etc. And when doing a “Flip 3D” (which I’m surprisingly finding more useful than the standard Alt+Tab), the result is pretty cool:

Do you wanna read the full story and his code, go here : Adam Nathan’s Win32 to WinFX Blog

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