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MVP Reconnect Program for all former MVP!!!

This morning, I was told by my MVP Lead that there is a new program for all former MVP. You are correct, all former MVP, that means all former MVPs that ended their award tenure in “good standing” and with a minimum award period of 1 year are eligible to join this MVP Reconnect program.


It is a very good news to have such program to “REconnect” all the MVPs together again with the product group. Want to know more? read the following blog/post.



At the same time, if you wanna know about how to become an MVP, you could also visit this,

At the same time, Microsoft will send the member of MVP Reconnect program with a special metal to you. Here is the Youtube link,


Useful links to learn Windows 10 and VS2015

images images
I am sure that you all are new to Win10 and VS2015. You may be looking for learning resource. Here I listed some of the sample site for you and so you could get some learning on these 2 new products.

Opportunity URLs Remarks
Developer Tools Download Download any Visual Studio skus, including VS 2015
Developer for Windows 10  -What’s New
Get Started
All the info developers may need to write apps
Windows 10 courses in MVA Great site to get online courses on Windows 10
Channel Another great online resource for Windows 10 related videos
Windows 10 Jumpstart A live event on August 14th

VS2012 Giveaway is not there this time

Since VS2005, all Developer MVPs has 3 giveaway on the VS subscription. Some MVPs were giving it to public, some MVPs were giving to friends, some MVPs were giving it to memebrs of their local community. However, this time there is no such giveaway when VS2012 launch. Why? I don’t know the reason. But I think, VS2012 which is targeting Win8 development and Microsoft should enourage developers to build apps to Microsoft Store. So I highly recommend tht MVP program could try to arrange this.

HKCT Seminar on VB2005

Wow…..Perpare for 2 weeks on creating the powerpoint and demo for Hong Kong College of Technology(HKCT) on topic of “introduction to VB2005”. And I also created VPC for the Demo. I have to learn some new features on VB2005, and also this is the hardest and worst seminar I even have. Reason:


1) The MOC for VB2005 is …..BAD. I don’t learn anything even I got knowledge on .NET 1.1

2) Powerpoint for VB2005 from MOC also……nothing at all, 2-4 powerpoints, and finished 1 chapter. Cannot re-use at all.

3)  I got knowledge on .NET 1.1, so my mind to show/talk in this seminar, mainly foucs on VB2005 new feature, which I suppose should be thinking that the guest listeners are NEW to .NET.

4) Finally, my topic can say… is …..”intorduce to VS2005″ more than “introduce to VB2005”, Not showing any VB2005 Code……..(another points… code at all… to show VB2005? But I at least miss…..MY class)

5) Showing too much for newbies. I talk about win Form, then Web Form, then ADO.NET2.0, and Deployment. Too many for newbies…….


Anyway, Thanks to andyK ask for the feedback. I have to learn from you sin…..heheheh



I won 5th Prize in the April 2006 Contest from Community Credit

Wowo, This is the thrid month I join this Community Credit, The first month I was late to submit my points and so even my points are enough to get prize, but cannot get any. In March, I got the 1st Prize — “i-dog”. This time in April, I got 5th prize — “FlexiGlow FX Illuminated Mouse Pad”. It is so beauty……But I would not grab the Grand Prize, the “Projector KeyBoard”.


The i-dog I got in March


  FlexiGlow FX Illuminated Mouse Pad


  Projector KeyBoard



Next month, May, I feel so so so interesting on the MP3 player, why? Cause….Cause…it is a Swiss Army knife with MP3 Player. Microsoft MVPs are award few products on Swiss Army, including Back Bag, Watch(only Colt and me has it). Hope I can win the 1st prize in May. So, Don’t wait, come hurry and join


Swiss Army Knife with Built in MP3 Player We absolutely love small gadgets that are packed with functionality and this combination MP3 player/knife from Swiss Army is making us giddy with excitement. Capable of storing and playing your favorite tunes as well as providing mini scissors for cutting open new CD packaging (or your shipping box that just arrived from ThinkGeek) – this little tool is a gadgeteer’s delight.


The first official Swiss Army knife with a built-in MP3 player – we think it’s a beauty. Housed in an aluminum case the tiny removable MP3 player features a high-quality 3 line LCD display and 1 GB of storage capacity. It handles multiple file formats, can be used as a flash drive for your files, and recharges its built-in battery via USB connection.