Fixing the Vista backup error "the system cannot find the specified file"

I’ve been getting an error “when using the Vista Backup tools the last few days “the backup did not complete…the system cannot find the specified file”. As it turns out this seems to be a Vista “issue”. Apparently this is because a shadow copy created by Vista is conflicting with the backup process. Here’s what I did to fix the problem:

    1. From Control Panel, select “System”
    2. In the System Protection tab, uncheck all drives listed under “Automatic Restore Points”
    3. Click OK to save the settings–this deletes all existing shadow copies
    4. Go back into the System settings and reselect the drives that you unselected

Next time you run a backup, you shouldn’t experience this problem again!


Kevin McNeish
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President, Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc.
Chief Architect, MM .NET Application Framework