We won! 2013 Publishing Innovation Awards – iOS App Development for Non Programmers

So, I’m pretty excited about this.

Today, at the Digital Book World Conference in NYC, it was announced that our book, iOS App Development for Non-Programmers, won the Publishing Innovation Award for best self-published book:

I’m particularly happy about this because we took the high road and spent a LOT of time formatting the book for the iPad and the Kindle to take full advantage of each platform. We used full color, HD images, video, interactive diagrams, and so on. Congratulations to my wife Sharlene for the great photography in the book, which really helps it stand out. We have a great technical editor, Greg Lee, who helps make sure I’m covering all the bases, and an outstanding copy editor, Benjamin Miller who kept the book free from grammar, punctuation, inconsistencies, and anything else I threw at him!

This story has been picked up by many news organizations and on-line resources such as Apple Magazine: http://applemagazine.com/ios-app-development-for-non-programmers-earns-publishing-innovation-award/5334 

The third book in the series is all done but the final edits! More information on that as soon as it’s ready!

We met some great authors with some outstanding books at the conference. I’ll be sharing more about these in the weeks to come.

Kevin McNeish

Twitter: @kjmcneish


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