New xp_ndo.dll solving problems

Hello all,

I have new info for you – new xp_ndo.dll for SP2 is
solving problems with MS SQL 2005. After that update, it seems that all
critical problems with SQL 2005 are solved and can be used by
customers. There is just minor problem with transaction log max size,
which is read in KB but set in MB (the column has MB in caption, but
what Navision read from SQL is in KB, if you want to set the max size,
you need to enter size in MB…).

I wish you luck in using MS SQL 2005 and many satisfied customers…

Navision SP2 client has same DB version as SP1

If you want, you can replace SP1 client with SP2 without problems, you
can open SP1 DB with SP2 client and vice versa. There is no “upgrade”
of the DB when you open old SP1 DB with SP2 client. It means that
developers can use SP2 client and customer can have still SP1 client
without problems, you can still connect to customer db with SP2 client
and customer will be still able to connect with SP1…
(tested on MS SQL DB and in Single User mode on Native DB, not tested when connecting to Native DB Server…)

means, if someone has problems e.g. with the Menusuite over whole
screen, you can replace the SP1 client with SP2 just for that person…

If you found some problems when using SP2 on SP1 DB, please, send it to me,  it will be good to know about all issues…

Navision SP2 for Group 2 countries

The SP2 for group 2 countries was released. You can download it from here
(partners only). If you want apply SP2, I recommend to not use SP2
client and use old SP1 client (do just object upgrade, not C/Side
upgrade). Wait for update for SP2, there will be corrected some issues
(wrong margins on report, wrong default value for rounding etc.).

Navision Business Notifications and message >4MB

If you are working with Navision Business Notifications, you can have
problems with sending bigger messages (for example Item stock
statistic). In this case you will have error message in your eventlog
from MessageBusAgent that
Message bus error!

There was an exception running the extensions specified in the config file. –> Maximum request length exceeded.
is that the XML file is transfered through POST function to the server
and POST is limited by default to 4MB (you can read more there).
Solution is to set higher limit for this application in web.config  in
“Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Business
Notification\MessageBus\” folder on the server as described on the
reffered page.

XMLPort with Namespaces? YES!

I found good article between Microsoft Dynamics “How-tos” on PartnerSource (this
article). In this article is described how to create XML through
XMLPort with namespace and how to read such a XML and how to remove the
namespace from this XML. May be you will need that if you want to
connect Navision with some webservice… 🙂

Session table overflow error when starting Navision

I found new error which can prevent users to start Navision client –
you just need some session which just connect and never do anything. In
this case, the [Last_batch] of this session will be ‘1.1.1900 0:00:00’
and you will get long error about overflow when subtracting two dates.

source of problems can be Visual Studio 2005 with some project for
Reporting Services in MS SQL 2005 connected to your database (for
example the demo reports)
and switched from Layout view into Data view… In this case VS will
create such a session and it will prevent all users from loging into

Solution is to close Visual Studio :-), I am waiting for another more systematic solution from Microsoft.