NAV 5.0 Preview – Part 2 – Links

In this part I will describe the new possibility to attach any URL to any record in database. This can be very usefull for connecting the word of documents with data in ERP. There are tools for managing these links through C/AL code (see previous part, the rec.ADDLINK command etc.)

 How it is working

At first, there is new shortcut on the toolbar (Clip). NAV 5.0 Toolbar

Through this shortcut, any user can open form, where you can enter the URL you want (HTTP, Sharepoint, local filesystem, network filesystem, anything you want). From same form you can open attached URL. Count of the atached links is not limited, length of URL can be max.  1000 chars. NAV 5.0 Related links form

For example, you can add scanned Invoice to your purchase order and when the order is posted, the attached links will be copied to Posted Invoice. All users can easilly find and open the document without searching through folders with thousends of files. User can recognize that on actual record are some links in status bar, where is new flag “LINK” near the “FILTER” flag.

NAV 5.0 part of Statusbar

 What is behind

For saving the links new virtual table is used (2000000068 – Record Link). NAV 5.0 Virtual tables

NAV 5.0 Record Link table

As you can see, links are numbered and related to the record through RecordID. Long URLs are splited into 4 fields, with possibility to enter 250 chars of description. The type and BLOB is not used yet, in my opinion the type “Note” and the BLOB “Note” is prepared for version 5.1 for the Work-flow notes. The links can be added, deleted and copied through C/AL commands.


That’s all. It is easy but smart solution. I know that many partners used similar way for attaching the documents, but this solution is much better, because you do not need any change in C/AL code and you can attach the document to any record without customization.


Next part will be about possibility to export any form into Word or Excel and possibility to create templates for this export.

41 thoughts on “NAV 5.0 Preview – Part 2 – Links”

  1. I always knew you were ahead of us, but one year is a bit too much, don’t you thing ;°) . (I know, the workdate in the demo-company is set to 2008 🙂 ).

    The “link” notation in the status bar is not clear enough, in my opinion. AFAIK there is nothing like “Rec.LINKEXIST” in C/AL. Also, the Record ID is something like: “Sales Header: Invoice,103004” or “Customer: 10000”.
    It IS possible to create something more visible as the statusbar, but a bit “omslachtig” like they say in dutch (and don’t know in English ;°).

  2. May be some other remarks:
    – From Object Designer, you can’t add record links … would be nice for development. Even when you create your own form, you can’t add a record link on Object-records.
    – You could be adding fields to the table “Record Link”, but you can’t add it to the default form. Would be great to be able to easily extend its functionality.

  3. Last remark (next time, I will try to put them together in one post … sorry):
    – Security settings: There is nothing to find in the “system”-permissions about “links”. You can control it per form (property: Form.LinksAllowed), but it seems you can’t control it in the default security system (yet).

  4. And about the security – you can do it on the virtual table… but not just for some “parent” tables… but may be when you will use Security filter… 😉

  5. I wouldn’t know how to push it, but I know you can ;°).
    For documentation in development, if you combine the new fields in record links table, and the possibility to put them on all objects (as many as you want) … man, I can think of some nice features …:
    – Links to original analysis;
    – Documentation of versionlist, with link to NAV system with the jobs and sub jobs
    – Extra code on table to generate the link to NAV
    – Extra documentation fields like “developer”,”analyst”,…
    – …

    Yes, if you want … try to push it 😀

  6. I guess the problems with the Object Designer, is that the underlying table is not DataPerCompany.
    Is it possible to add links for table 78 or 377? Or other systemtables like 2000000002 or 2000000006?

  7. It seems that you are right. I am unable to add links to any table which is DataPerCompany=No. We can hope that it will change till release version… :-/

  8. Not unless you and others “Push” for it 🙂
    Once it is released it will be rather difficult to change. So it is NOW to request it changed.
    They just need to make the “Record Link” with DataPerCompany=No and add a new field called Company. Then it should be quite easy to fix now, before release.

  9. hm,
    I can’t find any reason why it’s not enabled… . Did anyone test if on custom tables it’s the same?

  10. I tested it on custom table and it IS working! My mistake in previous test was that I tried it on empty table (record was not inserted yet…) how stupid mistake… 🙁

    But still you need to have some common form to be opened (form which you are able to design) and it is not working on some system tables (I create new form for Object table and it didn’t work).

  11. OK … I was just testing myself :°/.
    Same result:
    – first create a form .. then you can use record links.
    – DataPerCompany = No –> Record links are still working

    So I guess the DataperCompany isn’t the trigger …

    Even, on form 358, the LinksAllowed property is on default .

  12. Hey boys,

    have you noticed that the case “They just need to make the “Record Link” with DataPerCompany=No and add a new field called Company. Then it should be quite easy to fix now, before release.” is solved in the released version of NAV 5.0? The table is DataPerCompany=No and there is new field “Company”.. 🙂

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