7 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Beta available for download”

  1. Why? the password is correct for the WinXP login (or was in my VPC I got two weeks ago). You just needs to know that there is English keyboard used when entering the password (mainly the @ char)

  2. I’m also unable to login. I have tried with both Danish and US-English keyboard, but still no luck.

    The vhd-file is dated 25-01-7, so I doubt it is the same you got 2 weeks ago 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I need advice on one issue i have encountered in Navision. I created a Sales Order. I want to convert this to Sales Invoice but don’t want to Ship. In Posting -> POST, We have three options, Ship, Invoice, Ship and Invoice. I want to use only Invoice Option as want to ship later.

    When I select Invoice option, Gives message -> Nothing to post and the process doesn’t move to next step.

    Can’t I follow Invoice and then Shipping in Navision.

    Kindly reply if anybody has some solution on this. It would be a great help.


  4. 1) You asked this question on mibuso, didn’t you? The forum is correct place to ask these question.

    2) There is no standard way to do that. In Navision you cannot do Invoice before you ship the items. There is just possibility of Advance Invoice (part of standard in NAV 5.0, in older versions there are addons for that).

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