DynamicsNAV protocol handler

Now, when NAV 2013 beta was released, many partners could struggle from the problem of side-by-side installation of the NAV clients. Problem is, that the development environment is using the URI (hyperlinks) to open the objects in RTC. Because the protocol is handled by default only the latest installed version, you can have problem if you need to use it with more versions. And because that, I have created this handler for you.

Download v


After you copy the files somewhere and run the exe, you can activate the handler. Since that, instead the RTC my app will be started for each opened URI. The app will try to find correct version of RTC to run. This could be a problematic, but if you open the URI directly from active classic client, it should work. If you run the hyperlink e.g. from “Run” dialog of windows, the default RTC will be used (there is no way yet to check version of the target NST I know). If you have some tip how to check that…

 P.S.: Using this handler, the Windows 7 “Jump Lists” will not work for NAV. It means, you will not have the new feature of Windows 7, when you can directly from the application icon start some functionality without opening the client first. This is working only when the handler is deactivated and you run the RTC once after that.

P.S.: 18.5.2012 11:09 – download updated to v

P.S.: 19.5.2012 17:01 – project moved to http://navprotocolhandler.codeplex.com/, new versions released (with some bugs fixed)

Have a fun with NAV!

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