IE7 in a corporate environment

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Just before IE7 was released to WSUS and AU I wrote a short article about IE7 in the corporate environment for Wayne Small, SBS MVP.

This article is now available to the public, and can be found at: 

Source: IE7 in a corporate environment


…I am encouraging home users to update to IE7 as soon as possible to take advantage of all of the security benefits that come along with it.  The corporate environment, on the other hand, is a different beast.  We all have line of business (LOB) applications that we cannot afford to break and Web sites that are essential to our business that must remain accessible. 

Network administrators are understandably nervous about the fact that IE7 will be distributed via Automatic Update, WSUS and SMS2003.  Rest assured, though, that IE7 WILL NOT INSTALL WITHOUT WSUS / SMS / SUS ADMIN OR USER CONSENT.


There has been some confusion about what will happen when IE7 is released to WSUS because IE7 has been referred to as a “high priority” update when offered via Windows, Microsoft or Automatic Updates.  This, of course, led to many administrators worrying that IE7 would be automatically approved and installed on SBS2003 R2 if WSUS had been left at its default settings.   This is not the case.

IE7 is being released to WSUS/SUS/SMS as an “update rollup” therefore it is not auto-approved under default WSUS settings.  The reference to “high priority” that has had some people very concerned refers to the update’s behaviour AFTER installation has been approved by the WSUS admin – that is, it will behave as a high priority update, but only after approval.  The only way that IE7 will automatically be approved is if the WSUS admin has chosen to adjust WSUS’s settings to automatically approve update rollups.

Side note:  IE7 will not be distributed via SUS 1.0 or SUS 1.0/SP1.

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