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Szegény alulkonnektált. Majd szólunk a magyar illetékeseknek. 

I pay for a 15/3 Mb connection (15 down / 3 up)
I had alot of problems the first few months, but it has been very stable lately, until 2 days ago.
Now I am getting this:

755 / 1250 (Kbps)
(92.2 / 152.6 KB/sec)
Compared to the average of 1295 tests from cox.net:
* download is 86% worse, upload is 65% better
I don’t even want to bother calling them because they will just tell me to clear my cache, or that I have some PC issue and keep me on the phone for hours wasting my time.
My provider is Cox.net, and I’ve suggested they should change their motto to: Cox. We’re a bunch of dicks.
How well does your provider support you and how often is it required?

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2 thoughts on “Rate your Broadband provider”

  1. Gondolom olvastad ezt is:
    digg – South Korea hits 100Mbps [http://digg.com/tech_news/South_Korea_hits_100Mbps]. Az egyik megjegyzesbol:

    Sweden have had 100mbs down and 10mbs up for 30 euro for a good while.
    I think that’s more important: not only do they have it, they also have it at a perfectly affordable price for everyone

    Ez is erdekes:

    Symmetric broadband Internet access of 100 Mbps is available for USD 40 a month, as of October 2005. In Lund, one service offers 1 Gbit/s connections.

  2. Ja, a csorgó nyálamat folyton törölgetni kell a billentyűzetről. Másik érdekes, hogy "they also have it at a perfectly affordable price for everyone". Erről eszembe jut, hogy egy ismerősöm, aki Bp.-n az Ipoly és Kárpát utca sarkán lakik, egy b…tt nagy házban egy köpésre a BIX-től, még semmilyen nagy(obb) sebességű hálózathoz nem bír kapcsolódni, csak telefonos hálózat, nincs ADSL, DSL, Kábel.

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