Update on Internet Explorer 7, DEP and Adobe Software


Because browsers can host plug-in extensibility, security settings within the browser can make plug-ins fail. This is why in Internet Explorer 7 Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is off by default. When it is enabled many plug-in components fail to run, often crashing the browser.

You can enable DEP by navigating to the following dialog and checking the highlighted option shown below (note, you must elevated to admin first, otherwise the option is grayed out):

I have some great news, however.

Two of the most well-known and commonly used browser plug-ins, the Adobe Acrobat browser helper object and the Adobe Flash Player, now run when DEP is enabled.

So jump on over to the Adobe site, download the latest versions of Flash Player and Acrobat Reader, and enable DEP in IE7! I have!

A Big Thanks to the folks at Adobe for doing this.

Source: Update on Internet Explorer 7, DEP and Adobe Software

2 thoughts on “Update on Internet Explorer 7, DEP and Adobe Software”

  1. Hogy mikor, az rejtély.A patch-ek dodonai szövegéből nem derül ki. Roll-back-kel megnézni nem éri meg. Amikor írtam, leellenőriztem, nehogy nagyobb majmot csináljak magamból, mint amekkora vagyok. Már én sem látom sem a gpedit-ben, sem az IE7-ben.

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