Microsoft allows bypass of Vista activation

Rossz fiúk! Nóta, vidámság! 

In its TechNet documents, Microsoft recommends the repeated use of SkipRearm. How many times is “multiple times”? My testing revealed that the answer is, well, indefinite.
On a copy of Vista Ultimate that Microsoft released in New York City on Jan. 29, I found that changing SkipRearm from 0 to 1 allowed the command slmgr -rearm to postpone Vista’s activation deadline eight separate times. After that, changing the 0 to 1 had no effect, preventing slmgr -rearm from moving the deadline. The use of slmgr -rearm 3 times, plus using SkipRearm 8 times would eliminate Vista’s activation nag screens for about one year (12 periods of 30 days).
On a copy of the upgrade version of Vista Home Premium that I bought in a retail store on Jan. 30, slmgr -rearm also worked 3 times and SkipRearm worked 8 times before losing their effect. This combination would, as with Vista Ultimate, permit a one-year use of Vista without nag screens appearing.
On a copy of the full version of Vista Home Premium that I bought in a retail store on Mar. 14, SkipRearm had no effect on extending the use of slmgr -rearm at all. This suggests that Microsoft has slipstreamed a new version into stores, eliminating the SkipRearm feature in Vista Home. That could mean that changing the key from 0 to 1 will now work only in the business editions of Vista — Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate — so corporations can use the loophole.

Source: Microsoft allows bypass of Vista activation

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