Cleanup log files

I stumbled across a handy Windows script file (WaRmZip) that is an all purpose utility for cleaning, compressing and/or moving outdated log files. For example, you may want to delete certain files older than X days. You can download this utility at WinAdmin’s web site:

One use of this utility is to delete older IIS log files. Go to C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles directory on your server, and take a look at the contents of each of the subfolders (W3SVC1, etc).  You may be surprised to find hundreds of files in each of these subfolders. Using the WaRmZip utility, I can create a one line batch file to handle removing these log files, and then schedule this batch file to run weekly or monthly.

Here’s the one line batch command: “C:\WaRmZip17\WaRmZip.wsf” “C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles” /da:7 /r /q

In this example, the da:7 option says to delete files older than 7 days, the /r option says to process all sub folders, and the /q option says to run it quietly (non verbose). There are options to zip/compress these files instead, if that is your preference, or to move them to a different drive/folder.


Why IMF updates don’t update

Exchange 2003 SP2 includes the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF v2). Microsoft indicated that IMF definition updates would be released twice a month. These IMF updates can be obtained via WSUS or Microsoft Update (MU), which requires a reg edit to be made in order to work.

 Recently, plenty of people have asked (complained?) about either not getting the IMF update, or if they got it, it would not install. Turns out that Microsft has an expiration on each IMF update, and once that window of opportunity passes, you need to wait for the next IMF update. P.S.: if you did not know this, then you are not alone!

A NG poster, Macker, recently investigated all of this, and here are his comments:

A lot of people are having problems getting IMFv2 to update. I can report that I just received the (most recent) update:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003: Update for Intelligent Message Filter for Exchange Server 2003: 2006.11.09 (KB907747)

The “solution” to the problem is as follows: There is a *small window* (how long exactly I don’t know), every 1st or 3rd Tuesday (or Wednesday) of each month to get the update. If you miss the “window,” the updates “expire” and then you have to wait another 2 weeks for the next lot of updates to come along.

As well as that, make sure you have the following in place:

– SBS 2003 SP1 w/Exchange Service Pack 2.
– Uninstall IMFv1 (Intelligent Message Filter version 1) prior to installing Exchange SP2. Do not install IMFv1 after Exchange SP2. Exchange SP2 has it’s own version of IMF (IMFv2), which is the one we have trouble updating.
– After Exchange SP2 is installed: Make sure your server has the necessary subkey of ContentFilterState with a DWORD value of 1 under the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange
– VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your SBS Server is running Microsoft Update (not Windows Update).
– Make sure MUWEB.DLL is in the System32 folder. I’m not sure how important this last part is, but I’ve heard that it is important (it seems to be on all our servers already – certainly those with Exchange SP2).
– LAST and NOT LEAST: Wait for the update window to come around (1st & 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday of each month). Look for it on the Microsoft Update Site and PROMPTLY install the update when it is available.

If you miss the update, you’ll have to wait another 2 weeks, as the updates “expire” and become unavailable (for some maddening reason, which is the cause of all these angry posts).

That’s it!