No Telnet on Vista

This is for all you IT support people … no, I don’t have to use the ‘telnet’ command often, but when I do, I expect it to be there! So, lo and behold, I have an emergency issue with a client’s SBS/Exchange server today, and I find that I cannot do a simple ‘telnet’ from my Vista workstation.

Why? Microsoft decided that it was a necessary tool to be installed by default.

To solve this problem, go to Control Panel, then Programs, then under Program and Features select Turn Windows Features On/Off, then scroll down and click to select the Telnet Client.

Hope this helps!

EBS Blog Site Up

The Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) Team Blog site is now up and running.

What is EBS, you ask? Here are some possible answers:

1. EBS is SBS on steroids
2. EBS is SBS split across 3 or more servers
3. EBS is designed for a company with 25-250 users
4. EBS is all of the above
5. EBS is something else than the above

Check out the blog site, and see if you selected the right answer.