WHS PowerPack 1 Reminder

Just a reminder to those of you who were on the WHS PowerPack 1 beta: Remember to uninstall PPK1 beta, and then after rebooting WHS, be sure to run Windows Update pull down the final release version of Power Pqck 1 (KB944289).

I love my WHS! (And it’s saved my “you know what” one more than one occasion)



SBS2008 and Sharepoint

I’ve listened to three live web training sessions on SBS2008 recently. On all three sessions, they had Microsoft Partners share their “real world” customer experiences with the early betas of SBS2008. I was interested (perhaps surprised?) to hear all three Microsoft Partners rank Sharepoint 3.0 as being one of the major hot topics for their customers.

One of the partners emphasized that we should NOT view Sharepoint as an optional extra, just as most of us do not view Exchange as an option to SBs, but an integral part.

If your only experience with Sharepoint ahs been with version 1.x/2.x, perhaps it’s time to take a look at Sharepoint 3.0!  Did you know it now supports Blogs and Wikis? Or take a Demo tour of Sharepoint 3.0!


SBS2008 Answer File

For all of you SBS old timers, one of the new features with SBS 2008 is the Answer File. By using the answer file, not only can you streamline and automate the initial setup of SBS 2008, which speeds up the setup process, but it also allows you to ensure that you setup every customer consistently, and generate a supporting document.

Is it rocket science? No way! But it sure is a great tool to use. For example, by disabling the unattended mode, you can use the answer tool as a way to train a junior employee on the SBS 2008 process. Also, if you wish to use something other than the default .local internal domain suffix, you are required to use the answer file.

So, how do access and use the Answer File generator with SBS 2008? All you need is the first SBS 2008 DVD and a USB key. The Answer File generator (SBSAfg.exe) is found under the Tools\ directory on the DVD,  Fill out your answers, and click Save As. The anser file is saved as SBSanswerFile.xml. Copy the XML file to a USB drive (be sure to put it at the root level, and not in a sub folder on the USB drive).

Insert your SBS 2008 DVD and the USB key in the computer to be installed, and boot up from the DVD. Proceed through the initial screens where you make sure you have an initial disk partition prepared. The installation process will automatically look for your answer file and if found, will use the information on it.

What if you have problems or errors in your answer file? No problem! The SBS 2008 nstallation process will stop at any screens where information is either missing or inaccurate, and allow you to fix the problem ommediately. If the error cannot be resolved, you can also select to create and store an error file back to your USB key to review at a later time.

The time saved by using the answer file can be significant. So,be sure to give it a try!

SBS 2008 Song & Dance?

SBS2008 is quickly rolling through its beta testing and the official release has been set for Nov 12, 2008. So, i thought it would only be appropriate to get people fired up by putting together a small tribute to the past versions of SBS, and a look forward to SBS2008 (with kudo’s to the Canadian national anthem). Enjoy!

First, you will want to display or print out the words and music: O Microsoft Lyrics and Songsheet (PDF file)
Then, click on this link to hear the full recording: SBS 2008’s O Microsoft! (WMV 9Mb)

P.S. It works best if you sing VERY LOUDLY so as to drown out my voice!

SBS Rocks!