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.NET Tips: Links

ASP.NET FAQ (rus) General .NET FAQs (rus) ASP.NET Cookie FAQ ASP.NET 2.0 Tips, Tricks, Recipes and Gotchas Quick tips for ASP.NET Truly Understandin View State .NET Garbage Collector PopQuiz Memory management in the .NET Framework Demystifying the .NET Global Assembly Cache Some Cool Tips for .NET Improving Managed Code Performance Base Class Library Performance Tips […]


Sharepoint UserGroup (Canberra)

Today I visited the Australian Sharepoint UserGroup in Canberra, and actually it was the first UG session which I liked (I visited UG in different countries and liked this one the most) Topic was about VSTO & Sharepoint. No Powerpoint, only live code :,,) The covered areas – WPF, Sharepoint, XSD, WebServices, VSTO Word Add-in […]


Twitter map

“Twitter Blocks” is a nice tool to build the map of your Twitter”s neighbours Mine looks so Mirror: Twitter map

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Era of pure software developers comes to an end

In last years I”ve started to note that there is no place for the pure developers in Computer Science world – their era comes to end. By “pure software developers” I mean those who speciality is just writing code and nothing else. I”d say I mean geeks. I”m not blaming them, because I consider myself […]


Twitter clients

Today Mitch asked about the favourite Twitter clients. I use the following 3 clients Google Talk Twitter –  just to update status. No list of users, no replies, no following, nothing. Twadget (Vista SideBar widget) – my favourite one. List of users, easy to reply and update the status. Always on the screen. Only one […]