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SharePoint SP2 and SPDatabaseGbwSequence error is caused by free SharePoint templates

In these days, after Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 for the WSS and MOSS (SharePoint 2007 SP2) I”ve seen number of issues when people tried to update their environment to SP2. There are no issues when you update clean environment, but for customized application there are few things you should be aware about.  I’ve seen […]

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Connect to database directly without BDC

2011-01-24 08:39:19


SharePoint Tip #31. Do you know “the 12-hive folder structure details”?

SharePoint development relies on “12-hive” folder and each who writes code for SharePoint uses that folder intensively. SharePoint uses that folder to store features, log, content types are other stuff. 12 hive folder structure is not private and you can find full description all folders in google, the core folders you should know about are […]

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SharePoint Tip #29. Do you know “why to split large collaboration site between different site collections”?

2011-01-24 08:38:54


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