CRM Add Users Wizard Can’t Find Some Users

Recently a client reported that when he tried adding multiple users in MS CRM 4.0, some users were not listed in the CRM Add Users Wizard. Yet they were there in Active Directory. Other users were listed and available to add as members of the CRM organization, but a couple were not. The problem turned out to be that when the users had been added to Active Directory, their full name had been put in the First Name field and the Last Name field had been left blank. Simply moving the last name from the First Name field to the Last Name field where it belongs solved the problem and CRM was able to discover those users as well.

Syncing Up While Mobile

I am usually out of the office and depend on my web enabled PDA phone (HTC Mogul). In addition to ActiveSync with my Exchange server which provides me constant updates for e-mail, etc. in Pocket Outlook, I also have installed CWR Mobile CRM 4.0 which is a PDA mobile client for CRM 4.0. When I want to have a new appointment linked to my CRM, I can use CWR Mobile to enter it and it appears in my CRM. But then I’d like it to also show up in my Outlook calendar on my phone. However Pocket Outlook and CWR Mobile do not have a synchronization feature. But the solution is really pretty simple. I keep Outlook running on my Office workstation 24/7. It is set as the CRM/Outlook synchronization client. I used to have my notebook set as the synchronization client but I turn my notebook off when I’m not using it. The workstation (a desktop) I can leave running all the time. So now I can enter a new appointment in CWR Mobile CRM and a few minutes later have it appear on my phone’s calendar. Data entry such as notes on what I’m doing for my client is much easier in Outlook on my phone so this is helpful.

This also works with Contacts. Should I enter a new Contact using CWR Mobile, it will appear on my phone a few minutes later. I don’t do this often but it’s nice to know I can.

But that’s just me. I’m a one man shop and the only CRM user to speak of. In a bigger organization, an assistant could be entering appointments and or contacts into CRM and they would appear on the remote user’s phone. The reverse is also true. Once linked via Outlook, any updates I do to my appointments or contact information on my phone is quickly reflected in CRM. If others are using that info, they will have quick updates as well.