Changing CRM Organization Name

One of the attributes of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation is that the Organization Name is established when the program is installed and generally cannot be changed. The Organization is also the Root Business Unit for the organization and Business Unit names cannot be changed either. But… with version 4.0 there is a way, at least with On-Premise.

This is how to do it:

  1. MAKE A BACKUP of your database!
  2. Open the Deployment Manager on the server. Create a new TEMP organization. If you are running the Workgroup or Professional version it will remove your primary organization. If you are running the Enterprise version it will create an additional organization in your deployment. If so, DELETE the original (remember step 1!!!) using the Deployment Manager.
  3. Use the Deployment Manager to Import an organization. When asked for the database, point it to your original organization’s SQL database.
  4. During the Import process, you will have the opportunity to supply the Organization Name. This is your chance to supply the name of your choice. It will then be the name of the new Organization and the Root Business Unit.