CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 8

Last Thursday, December 17, Microsoft released the latest update to Dynamics CRM, Update Rollup 8. You can find the update files and information on the update from Microsoft KB KB 975995. Or you can go directly to the download files and information here. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available for the server updates but only 32 bit is available for the client update.

Since the previous update, Update Rollup 7 was considered a benchmark update, it is required before you can install UR8 on the Outlook client. It is not required to update the server. I decided to try the Client update first to see what happens. If you are running Windows 7 as I am, you will need to run the update as an administrator, otherwise you get a message stating it requires elevation. The KB states that you must restart your client computer after installing the update but the update does not require it. On the other hand the server updates do require a reboot.

I am running Outlook 2010 Beta so I will be looking to see what compatibility issues are resolved with UR8. So far it seems to look and act the same. We’ll see. There is some speculation about that this update will address the 64 bit Outlook. I doubt this since there is not a 64 bit client rollup.

Office 2010 Beta and the Disappearing CRM Customizations

This summer I installed the Technology Preview version of Microsoft Office 2010. It basically played pretty with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Recently the updated Beta version was released for public download so I eagerly downloaded and installed it. As with the TP version, I had to install the 32-bit version and upgrade an existing Office 2007 for it to install the CRM Outlook Client. Then I happened to notice that Customization was no longer displayed in the Settings area of CRM. This has been a common known problem for quite some time so I wasn’t concerned. All you have to do is close CRM, close Outlook, then reopen CRM and there it (Customization) is. Well… not with Office 2010 Beta it seems! I found that even if I rebooted my machine and did not start Outlook at all, Customization would still not display.

So, I decided to try to fix it. I first uninstalled Office 2010 Beta and checked CRM. Even with Office 2010 gone, Customization would not display. Then I installed Office 2007. That seemed to fix the problem. I installed the CRM client and still it worked as it should. Customization (and another item) were now displayed as they should be. That was a week or two ago. I kind of let it go since it was now working and I had other fish that needed frying.

Tonight, fish fried, I decided to try installing Office 2010 again. Boy it takes awhile to install. Probably because I did it across a wireless connection. Once installed, but before I launched Outlook 2010 for the first time, I checked CRM. Sure enough Customization was still available. Then I launched Outlook 2010 Beta. I closed Outlook and then launched CRM again. Once again Customization was no where to be found. Clearly there must be a link between Office 2010 and CRM and the disappearing Customization. I will continue to ‘play’ with it a bit and report back if I find anything significant. I’ll also Tweet it from @CRMLarry and reference #CRM & #MSCRM.