Watch Out For the Organizer


Today I’ve been preparing for my trip to Miami tomorrow to teach a CRM class. I logged into my airline and had it send me my flight schedule. I dutifully added that to my Outlook calendar using the e-mailed meeting requests. Great. Then I promoted those ‘meetings’ to CRM. Great. Then I noticed the flights were no longer on my Outlook schedule. NOT so great! So I went back to the airline and repeated the process. Then after I promoted each flight to CRM, I had a look at the Appointment record in the Details tab. There I found the Organizer for the appointment to be the sender of the e-mail, If the Organizer of an appointment isn’t the user whose calendar it’s for, it disappears from the calendar. So, I changed the Organizer to my User account. Now I’ll know when my flights are tomorrow!

Recovering a Clobbered Outlook Note with Windows Home Server

Tonight we had a major crisis in the Lentz home. My wife accidentally clobbered an important Note she was keeping in Outlook. She didn’t delete it, that would have been easy. She managed to wipe out the contents. Recovering items from Exchange isn’t all that easy a project and the Note was definitely overwritten and therefore its contents gone. The only hope was trying to recover it from a backup. Restoring mailboxes from Exchange is never a fun project, and I do have other things to do tonight.

Luckily I installed Windows Home Server at Christmas so we had a backup of her notebook. I was able to recover her Offline Folders File (OST) from the Home Server. I then configured her Outlook to not use the Cached Mode (which uses the OST), disconnected the computer from the network so it couldn’t communicate with the Exchange server, renamed her old OST file and copied in the recovered OST. I then reconfigured Outlook to use Cached Mode and started it back up. Since it wasn’t connected to the network, Outlook relied on the recovered OST to tell it what it had. And it had the Note! I saved the contents of the note in various ways and then reconnected the computer to the network. Once connected, Outlook synched back up with current data. That presented a bit of a conflict with the recovered note.  The note was displayed with a different icon. Double-clicking on it gave me a choice of whether to keep the recovered note, the clobbered one, or both. Tough decision but I eventually chose to keep the recovered note 🙂 The whole process only took a couple of minutes, once I decided on my course of action.

Hooray for Windows Home Server backup!