Configuring the CRM 2011 E-Mail Router on Small Business Server 2008

Recently I was trying to configure the CRM 2011 E-Mail Router on my SBS 2008 network. No matter what I tried, when I attempted to Test Access at the end, I would get an error. What error I received depended on what variation I was trying at the time. I posted my dilemma to the other CRM MVPs and got all kinds of suggestions, none of which worked Sad smile

Today, while brushing up to take the CRM 2011 Installation & Deployment certification exam, MB2-867, I noticed the error I was receiving referred to the certificate. That got me thinking. When setting up an SBS 2008 or SBS 2011 server, it is recommended to purchase a commercial security certificate so you can securely access your system remotely. The default external name is in the form of Typically your certificate will be for that specific server. I had been using my internal server name, like http://sbs2008 or https://sbs2008 and these weren’t working. So I decided to try using the same name as used by the certificate. Eureka! It worked. Smile

So my recommendation, when configuring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 E-mail Router for use with SBS 2008, for the Incoming profile, specify the Exchange server as Hope that helps someone.