CRM 2011 Access Denied! Oh no!!

The other day I attempted to open my CRM 2011 and was asked to enter my user name and password. Strange I thought but I entered it nonetheless. It asked me for it again, apparently not liking what I had entered. I tried again, more carefully. And once again I was prompted for my user name and password. A third try resulted in a 401 Unauthorized error. Oh NO!! Had my CRM been hacked? Had someone messed with it? Everything seemed in order on the server.

I am running an Internet Facing Deployment, IFD, using Active Directory Federated Services, ADFS. Perhaps there is a problem with ADFS. I had a look there and it appeared OK as well. So I decided to temporarily disable IFD and Claims Based Authentication and see what happened. Much to my delight I was able to access CRM and found my data intact. So, the problem must be with the authentication.

I did a little digging with my favorite CRM troubleshooting tool, Bing, and eventually found a Knowledge Base article,, that recommended setting the anonymous authentication permissions on the CRM 4 service end point (look to the article for the details.) I tried this but it still didn’t work Sad smile Then, although the article didn’t include this step, I decided to run IISRESET. Yea! That did work and I now have my CRM back and life is good once again.

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