Running CRM 2011 on Windows 8

I recently installed the Release Preview of Windows 8 on my notebook computer. Naturally being able to run CRM 2011 on it was a key issue. I installed Office 2010 64bit and attempted to configure the CRM client for Outlook. Installing was no problem but when I attempted to configure it for my organization, I received the error “Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials…”. After frustrating all other resourses, I posted my dilemma to the MVP list. Murat from the CRM Team came to my rescue with these instructions:

Go to the Legacy Control Panel (not the Metro Control Panel)
  Click Programs
  Under Programs and Features, click “Turn Windows features on or off”
  Navigate to Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 and check the box.
  Click Ok. This will install WIF and enable it
  Auth should work normally now.

This worked! Thanks, Murat.

Next I had a problem with the CRM 2011 web client. It appeared to work at first but as I attempted to use it I found it did not function correctly. First I had to turn off the pop-up blocker, true for any OS or browser. But it still did not function correctly. Then my fellow MVP Scott Sewell suggested I configure it for compatibility mode. That was a little easier said than done. I had to search a bit to find the settings. I configured IE to expose the Menu Bar. From there I was able to access Tools and Compatibility View settings where I added my CRM website. Works great now.

The only remaining issue is using the Metro Internet Explorer browser. I haven’t figured out yet how to set it for compatibility view. When I do, I’ll blog it for you.