Nothing Happens When Selecting CASES from SERVICE Area of CRM 2013 Navigation Bar

My personal CRM system has been upgraded from version to version since version 1.2 back in 2004. That may explain the funky behavior I’m about to describe. When I attempt to select CASES from the SERVICE area on the Navigation Bar, nothing happens. Well, it does now because I fixed it. i don’t use Cases as much as I used to so I let the problem slide while I pondered it. Today I was struck with the bright idea of having a look in the Site Map which controls the Navigation Bar of CRM 2013. (I’ll leave editing the Site Map for you to find on other blogs.) I noticed that the Cases subarea line <SubArea Id="nav_cases" Url="/CS/home_cases.aspx" Entity="incident" /> included a Url item. None of the other, working, subareas in this section did. I removed the Url item making it <SubArea Id="nav_cases"  Entity="incident" /> and now it works as well.

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