Re-creating OAB in SBS 2008

Here are the steps needed to re-create the OAB on an SBS 2008 Server.  These steps are from the open Microsoft Support case I mentioned in another blog posting.


1. Turned logging from management shell to expert level:

Set-eventloglevel “msexchangesa\OAL generator” -level expert

2. Built Offline Address Book. Organization configuration – mailbox – offline address book – update

-from management shell run following command : Update-offlineaddressbook “name of the offline address book”

3. Look for the 9340 and 9360 event id for the following legacyExchangeDN ‘ ‘

4. Ran the following command to update:

Update-offlineaddressbook “NEW”

5. Opened Regedit and navigated to the following registry key

– Added a new DWORD Value ‘OAL Post Full If Diff fails’

– Set the value to 1

6. Rebuilt your Offline Address Book and looked for the 9107 event and verified there are no Events generated for “9340” “9360”

7. Removed the registry key

8. Reduced the logging level Set-eventloglevel “msexchangesa\OAL generator” -level

8. We restarted File Distribution Service


While this did not fix my OAB problem, it does have value for those of you who are having OAB issues and need the steps to re-create it.

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