Arqueología Smalltalk

El bueno de Aaron Reichow ha enviado un mensaje a la lista de desarrollo de Squeak, anunciando la publicación de una página que describe viejas versiones de Smalltalk (además se puede bajar):


Vean en esa página un Digitalk Methods 1.1 de aquellos buenos tiempos:


Aun recuerdo ese tipo de ventanas, que luego se popularizaron con productos de Borland…. Extraño mi Sidekick:-)

El mensaje original:


> Hey Squeakers!
> I and others have discussed old versions of Smalltalk a few times on  the
> list in recent months.  Something I mentioned was putting up a  page with
> screenshots of various old versions of Smalltalk.  I  recently got a few
> of these old Smalltalks running and tonight I put  together a simple page
> with a few screenshots and some basic info.
> Check it out at:
> Right now I’ve got some info and screenshots up for: Apple  Smalltalk-80
> for Mac OS Classic, Digitalk Methods 1.1 (text-mode) for  DOS, and
> Digitalk Smalltalk/V 286 R3 (graphical) for DOS.
> Thanks to all those who made this thing we love: Smalltalk! And  thanks to
> those who have helped me out with this lil project.
> Regards,
> Aaron

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