Feb 05

you can still use it at your own risk.

By default, if you set the conformance level to debug, you”ll get full postbacks in your pages. why? well, because during the Init event of the page, the PageRequestManager server class initializes the SupportsPartialRendering property of its owner (whic, btw, is the ScriptManager control) by checking the value of the EnableLegacyRendering (which icomes from the property with the same name that is exposed by the ScriptManager control).

What you might not know is that if you set the SupportsPartialRendering property the previous execution logic never takes place and you”ll get partial postbacks working at your own risk (might I add:) ,,)

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  1. DG
    4:41 pm - 6-21-2007

    I”m very interessed to try Partial rendering a my own risk, but how do I do… ? I cannot find the “EnableLegacyRendering” porperty (and the “SupportsPartialRendering” by the way…)

  2. luisabreu
    6:14 pm - 6-21-2007

    well, EnableLegacyRendering is a private property of the internal PageRequestManager class. What i was trying to say was that you can bypass the3 default logic by explicitly setting the supportspartialrendering of the scriptmanager control class.

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