Feb 22

Yep, that”s what i expected to happen but it didn”t…I think that the main ajax client file (MicrosoftAjax.js) should be separated into several files. even though saying that having only a single file might give you a quicker download time (which might be true if you want to get everything), i don”t buy it. for instance, in my current project , i”d really really love to use OO introduced by AJAX extensions client library. But that”s all I want for this project. I don”t really need components or the network stack. Unfortunately, everything is packed on the same file. If I want to use the “AJAX Extensions OO approach”, I do need to download everything.

Oh well, I”ll just have to keep using the traditional javascript OO code (which really isn”t much fun)…

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  1. Bruno ''Shine'' Figueiredo
    11:23 am - 2-23-2007

    why not use other js library, like prototype, mootools or scriptaculus? all of them support OO development. As I call, none have support for namespaces, but this is a simple function to implement. Mootools is the most flexible, allowing you to choose the packages it contains.

  2. Luis Abreu
    2:24 pm - 2-23-2007

    Yes, i could do that too. but why must i use yet another framework when AJAX extensions already has what i need?

  3. Bertrand Le Roy
    9:31 pm - 2-23-2007

    Why don”t you just use a scriptpath and customize the file to remove everything you don”t need?
    We”re also thinking about that problem for future releases.

  4. Luis Abreu
    10:01 pm - 2-23-2007

    Hello Bertrand.

    yes, i thought about that but i really have some trouble with understanding everything those licenses say…since you”ve mentioned it, i”m assuming that”s ok to do just that and copy/paste only the OO part that i need for this current project. thanks for the tip.

  5. Manuel Abadia
    7:46 am - 2-24-2007

    Why don”t you use Nikhil”s Script# to generate your code? It will let you develop in c# and it”s type system is compatible to the Microsoft AJAX one.

  6. Luis Abreu
    11:47 am - 2-24-2007

    Hello Manuel.

    To be honest, i don”t know Nikhil”s script# framework. the problem is not with AJAX OO. it”s that by default, if i want to use it, i get to include lots of things which i don”t need…