Mar 07

This is what happens when you don''t have fair play

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Valencia isn”t really one of my favourite teams, but I must say that after seeing this video, I was really shocked with Inter. That really isn”t fair play! I”ve never seen something like that…In my opinion, Inter”s 10 (I think his name is Burdisso) should be banned from football since he was the main responsible for what happened there. Look at what he”s doing after the game finished…he started pushing Valencia”s players. What did he expect? that they lowered their arms and offered the m the other cheek?

According to Publico, Mancini (Inter”s coach) said that Navarro (Valencia”s player which broke Burdisso”s noise – yeah, he did”nt really behaved well too) is a coward. hello, anybody home???? And I ask: Inter players are what? heroes? btw, I”m really interested in seeing how this is going to end…I want to see if UEFA is going to do the appropriate thing (though i really doubt it!)