Mar 13

Book review: Essential Windows Workflow Foundation

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Let me start by saying that the book”s title is wrong: it should be called something like WF bible :,,) why? well, because it”s really the best book I”ve seen about WF and, in my opinion, it has most of the things (if not all) you need to know when you”re building WF apps. I”m not sure if this book will be for everyone. If you want to know what each of the built in activities does, don”t buy it…on the other hand, if you really want to understand how WF works, then don”t walk, run to the nearest bookstore and buy it (ok, running isn”t really needed: you can simply buy it over amazon 🙂 ). I can assure you one thing: it”s a GREAT BOOK! It really tells you the story and explains why things work like that.

In fact, I think that it”s one of the best essentials book I”ve read in quite some time now… in fact, i think that the closest match is essential COM, which i”ve read a long time ago (yes, there are other cool books in the AW essential series, but these 2 are my 2 favourites of all times!)