Mar 20

As I”ve said before, I”ve written a book (portuguese only) about ASP.NET AJAX. After waiting for a long time, it seems like the book is out! (unfortunately, there”s no direct link for a complete page because they keep on insisting on using iframes. if you want to get all the info about it, you”ll have to go to their main site and search for the book).

I”d like to thank all that have contributed to the book (specially Joao Cardoso, which did a lot of reviewing and gave me lot of feedback). btw, do keep an eye on the FCA web site because they will be updating the site with the code and errata (yes, unfortunately there are one or two things which changed after I”ve delivered the final draft).

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  1. Joel Rumerman
    3:29 pm - 3-21-2007

    Congratulations Luis! That”s great! I”m sure that it took a lot of hard work to put this book together and hope that an English translation comes out in the near future. Your contributions to the community have been extremely valuable and I hope that you continue to be active even now as your book is complete.

  2. Luis Abreu
    8:06 pm - 3-21-2007

    Hello Joel.

    thanks for your kind words. Even though I”m not currently monitoring the AJAX forums, I”ll try to compensate by adding more entries in my blog 🙂

  3. Garbin
    9:42 am - 3-28-2007

    Congratulations Luis! One more reason for learning Portuguese (I don”t speak it, but it”s not difficult for Italians to understand it – and I love its sound) 🙂

  4. Luis Abreu
    2:05 pm - 3-28-2007

    thanks 🙂
    btw, italian does sound really better than portuguese!