Jun 29

The site was down in the last 2 days, but it looks like the team solved the problem (which is cool :),,).

while the site was down, i just got older and now I”m 31 🙂 (on the 27th to be precise). I”ve also spent some time looking at Silverlight and I”m still not sure if I should be investing any more time on it. I don”t have any doubts that it”s a really cool technology, but I”m a programmer (not a designer) and I believe I”ve seen most of the things it has to offer me (not all, since i still haven”t taken a look at LINQ support, for instance).

On the other hand, I still haven”t found anything else that makes me say: “wow, this is cool! I must really dive into this…”. So, the biggest decision i need to make in the next days is: should I keep looking at Silverlight or should I change my focus to another area?

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  1. p3dro
    4:27 am - 7-1-2007

    I hope you had a happy birthday.

    So does this mean that we won”t have a Portuguese book (written by you, of course) about Silverlight? 🙁

    You mentioned on your post, LINQ, it”s a really good new technology, do you have any future plans to start on posting about this subject? (I think you didn”t talk about LINQ very often, at least I used the search and only retrieved one post, if not, than sorry :))

  2. luisabreu
    11:19 am - 7-1-2007

    yeah, it was fun (that is, if you forget about the age thing 🙂 ).

    silvelright book: not sure. still thinking about that.

    LINQ: i haven”t really talked much about it. why? well because time is always short 🙂 but i do intend to study it and discuss it here 🙂