Jul 12

If you”re into cars, then it”s impossible not to like the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione…My good friend Alberto sent me this link with some cool desktop pictures of the car. This is my favourite one.

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  1. Joao Paulo Carreiro
    9:45 am - 7-13-2007

    Finally, a nice Alfa. Must drop by a dealer when it comes out and give it a spin. Although the right place for a engine on a sports car is on the rear, not the front!

  2. luisabreu
    10:01 am - 7-13-2007

    I think you won”t be that lucky. I”ve heard they”re only producing 500 units and they”re all sold. so, i”m guessing that you”ll have to keep using that cool rx8 or maybe the gallardo, right?

  3. Joao Paulo Carreiro
    11:08 am - 7-13-2007

    Oh well… I”m betting that I”ll be able to find one eventually. And if it”s second hand, it”s even better. Alfas loose value here in the UK faster than a sinking rock!

  4. luisabreu
    11:18 am - 7-13-2007

    Not only there 🙂 but if there are only 500 units, i think you”ll have a hard time finding one.

  5. Joao Paulo Carreiro
    12:13 pm - 7-13-2007

    Those are fighting words, they are!!!

  6. Luis Abreu
    1:30 pm - 7-13-2007

    lol…well, i guess that you can prove i”m wrong by buying one and then inviting me to take a ride 🙂

  7. AlbertoSilva
    9:25 pm - 10-1-2007

    I”m sure that a chance to drive a 8C would be enough to put Luís on a plane!!!

  8. luisabreu
    9:28 pm - 10-1-2007

    yeah! btw, if it could be arranged, I”d prefer that we”d all go to the Canarias Island since the flight time from here (Madeira) to there is around 55 minutes 🙂 (and it has some nice hotels that work on the everything included model 😉 )