Oct 10

A long time ago I learnt a cool trick for using fiddler with the internal server that comes with VS. Well, when I made the transition to Vista, it simply stopped working and I no longer got the page on IE. I did managed to get it working but it seems like some of my friends started getting this error. The problem was that the server was not configured to listen on IPv6 but its DNS was configured to send back an UPv6 address.

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  1. Dave Reed
    9:37 pm - 10-10-2007

    In Fiddler settings, disable IPv6 support.

  2. Luis Abreu
    9:59 pm - 10-10-2007

    Hello Dave,
    yes, that is the best option (and that”s what the link says). Another option is to disable IPv6 on vista (which would envolve removing the checkbox on the network settings and fiddling around with a registry key)