Oct 13

Going crazy while trying to open the config files of IIS

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Currently, I use VS 2008 to write all the code and Notepad2 to read txt files. I do also use Notepad2 when I just need to take a quick look at some file. It”s been a long time since I have used Notepad. In fact, I”ve already forgotten about it until today :,,) Let me explain this better…

While trying to study the new IIS 7, I decided to take a quick look at the new config files and their schemas, which are located on the %windir%system32inetsrvconfig folder. After getting there, I just tried to double clicked the applicationHost.config file. Hum…nothing happened…weird…ok, so how about opening VS and the dropping the file into it? again, it didn”t work…

So, lets go through the file open dialog. this was even stranger since the files were not shown on the dialog…well, the same thing happened when I tried to use Notepad2…believe it or not, the only thing that did the trick was droping the file over the good old notepad… And yes, I”ve tried everything (I did disabled UAC and used an administrator account but none of the previous approaches worked!)