Aug 24

Book review: SOA in Practice

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[Disclaimer: I”ve received a copy of this book for reviewing]

Yesterday I”ve finished reading this interesting book from Nicolai Josuttis. I”ve been following Josuttis” work since my C++ times (which, btw, are a few years away now – enough for letting me sleep without thinking on memory management :),,) and I was pleased to see that he still has the some easy reading writing style. This is a book on concepts. Unlike his previous work (which were on a specific technology – or should I say, language), you won”t find any references to specific problems you may face while trying to “realize SOA”.

Instead, you”ll find an objective book which presents several aspects on SOA and offers several good advices which will really help you if you want to implement SOA in your company. And he manages to do all this in just about 300 pages (which is really cool because we don”t really have time for big books, right? 🙂 ). That means that I”m giving it 8/10.