Oct 20

I”ve just finished reading this interesting book by Michael Lopp. I think that we can all agree that interacting with people is a lot harder than interacting with machines. Michael”s book will give you several insights into this difficult art. No, this book isn”t only for managers. If you”re a developer working for some manager, then you”ll also get something out of this book.

And it”s a thin book too. I”ve just read it in 3 days while riding the bus (which means I took me about 2h to read it from cover to cover – each ride takes between 20 and 25 minutes). Ok, before giving it my score, there”s one thing you need to know: the book is based on several posts originally published on the author”s blog. So, you must expect some “unpredictable” changes in topic which might through you a little bit off.

Having said that, here”s my score: 8/10.

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