Apr 23

Ok, so today I was watching a TV Portuguese program on animals and, as you might guess, bullfighting was one of the discussed topics. For starters, you should know that I’m against it. I’m not sure why some think that we have the right to create animals and them make them suffer for our pleasure (I guess that if we have that right, then we should go back to ancient Rome and throw those into the pits with lions. how about that?).

I’m not going into a discussion about its cultural aspects (don’t we need to evolve?)…I do accept that you say that you like it and that it’s your argument for watching it. Just don’t try to convince me that they don’t hurt while they’re in the arena like one guy did in the program I was watching…I mean, can anyone really believe that the bull doesn’t hurt and enjoys being stabbed? (please don’t anwer…this was rhetorical…)

oh well, I guess that it’s one of those topics where you won’t be able to reach a consensus, right? so back to coding again…

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    12:05 pm - 12-4-2009

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