May 19

Wonderful news!

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Currently, I’ve got three wonderful cats. Luna, a cat that I’ve found in the street when she was two months old, got really sick in the last months…in fact, the vet had told us to get ready because her liver problems wouldn’t let her live much longer. All her blood tests returned some pretty bad figures…so bad, that the vet told us to forget her food diet and let her eat whatever she wanted.

And so we did…until that yesterday she stopped eating…we really thought the worst when we took her back to the vet again…however, it seems like she was, in fact, much much better (even though she wasn’t eating). After running some more tests, we got confirmation: she is, in fact, much better and she’ll probably get her appetite back in a few hours. As you can probably guess,this news has made me a really happy man! And I think that it’s time to get away from the PC and enjoy some time with my pets :,)