May 26

Sheer mind power!

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This is not a technical post, so if you’re not interested, just skip it!

Here’s the deal: a few days back, my good friend Filipe (aka, “super-loide” – long story, ok? but he knows why he’s called that:),,) started laughing when I said that I would reach the 10km mark on my treadmill. His words: “You won’t make it”. I didn’t say nothing at the time, but I knew I’d make it. Generally, I run 2 to 3 times a week, for about 25 minutes (at a max of 4 kms a run).

I’ve already run 6 kms in the past and it was a painful experience (especially because I don’t enjoy running). I knew that achieving the 10km mark meant that I had to run at least an hour, at 10Km/h. This wasn’t going to be easy…

However, I do believe in the power of the mind (I’d say that’s why I believe in the “Yes, We can” slogan too). And today, while I’m on a terrible cold, I’ve decided to reach that mark! It’s crazy, right? I know, but, after all, if I can do it today, I’ll be able to do it any day! And here’s the proof:


And here am I, after running 62 minutes (almost dead, but really happy for achieving the mark):


Btw, you can see one of my secrets for achieving my objective: Nightwish’s End of an Era DVD! The other was my wife, which helped me made the last 500 meters 🙂

So now you have it “super-loide” :). If I can do it, you can too! It’s all in the mind…