Nov 03

Yep, I’ve already decided: I’ll be writing an intro book on HTML 5 (in Portuguese, of course). YEs, I just couldn’t resist it: ,,) I think HTML 5 is such a cool platform that I could resist writing a small book about it. But this time, I want to try something new: I want to see if anyone is interested in helping me out with the technical review.

Before going on, a couple of words about this project: I intend to write an intro book about HTML 5 and I do intend to talk about most of the new features which are associated with the HTML 5 acronym (ex.: canvas, geo-location, worker threads, etc.). It won’t be a big book (I’ll be trying to hit the 200 page mark) and  the only thing you need to do is read and give me feedback about the draft. You do not have to be an expert to be a reviewer (but if you are, you’re welcome too Smile). Unfortunately, there’s no money and the only thing I can promise is a special thanks entry in the acknowledgements section and a free book delivered at your home when it gets released. Not sure if this is incentive enough, but you do get the chance to bash my writing and I’ll even thank you for that.

So, if you understand Portuguese and you’re interested in helping me, please send me an email to (just replace the _at_ with the traditional @) with the subject Livro HTML and a few lines telling me why you’re interested in being a reviewer. thank you!

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