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On April 22, 2010, in Uncategorized, by mako

A while ago I wrote a post about limitations in VS 2010.

After that, I sent my questions  to Cameron Skinner and got very interesting replies that I hope will be interesting for many of you.

First of all, many thanks to Cameron for his replies! 

Maxim: Why / when is Visual Studio going to support runtime type discovery, as static analysis can only go so far?

Cameron: You are absolutely right, we simply don’t have support for dynamic loading of types yet. It is actually worse than just a lack of support for DI / IOC, as any type dynamically loaded ( via LoadAssembly()  for instance ) we don’t discover as that occurs at runtime.

I can tell you this is top of the list for the next release.

Maxim: Why do you not use dynamic dependencies in the actual product itself?

Cameron: We’re making heavy use of MEF in the product, we has greatly enabled us to ship new features outside of the normal shipping vehicles, and has also greatly improved our overall architecture.

 Actually, very nice to get such clear answers from guys from VS team. The answers mean that the next release of Visual Studio will be very interesting and the VS team is doing everything to reach that. 

Did you hear about MEF

MEF it’s a very interesting project created by Microsoft and I tend to write a series of posts about MEF in the near future.


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